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Tan Hock Beng

Tropical Paradise

Page One Publishing Private, 2000
Страниц: 208
Формат: 260x300
Tropical Asia is one of the culturally richest regions in the world. It also has stunning natural features, which have allowed the region to be a major tourist destination. This lavishly photographed book is a celebration of the sensual qualities found in some of the most exciting resorts of the region. The collection of beguiling works, located in exotic sites - from Bali to Bangkok, Chiang Mai to Jaipur - is marked by the distinctive style of the landscape practice of Bensley Design Studios. Many of them are the products of an intense collaboration between Bensley Design Studios and the architectural practice of Bunnag Architects. Based in Bangkok, the two design offices, and in particular, the respective principals - Bill Bensley and Mathar Lek Bunnag - have crafted delightful syntheses of landscape and buildings of simple materiality, quality craftsmanship and rich moods. Many of these exclusive enclaves are a poetic response to the tropical climate and rich cultural...
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