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Borquez: Chicas

daab, 2008
Страниц: 160
Формат: 255x320
Born 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabio Borquez currently lives in Germany. In Buenos Aires he studied art, photography and architecture. He won various scholarships for India, Columbia and Germany and has taken part in many exhibitions. His work spans over various areas of design. This book exclusively presents his female nude photography. Borquez's intention is not to put the nude on display, despite having been published in world-renowned magazines such as Playboy and GQ. More than just mere objects in front of the camera, his models unveil their characters in their unrehearsed poses and the look in their eyes. The triumph of femininity coupled to a total confidence in the photographer is what makes these "victresses" seem at ease and passionate at the same time. "(...) It is Fabio Borquez's personal fight for the ideal of beauty, which he desires to develop from the simple depiction of sex. This is the point where we can best understand his approach to...

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