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The Art of Jewelry: Kubachi

Интербук-бизнес, 2006
Страниц: 160
Формат: 260x245
The Kubachi goldsmiths' art is hundreds years old. Unique works of Kubachi jewelers, exquisite in their beauty and grace, adorn collections of major museums in Russia and abroad. This album presents handmade masterpieces by renowned artists from the Russian National Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts, as well as works by contemporary artisans working at the Rasul Alikhanov Kubachi Art Factory. Readers will undoubtedly enjoy delving into various techniques used in the Kubachi jewelry making, and the rich diversity of traditional ornaments used for decoration of blades, tableware, jewelry, writing accessories, exclusive gift items, etc. The album targets a wide circle of art lovers, from admirers of the unique craft of Kubachi to those wishing to expand their knowledge of crafts. The album will also interest professors and students of art schools, collectors, and museum workers.

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