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Madeleine Ginsburg, Avril Hart, Valerie D. Mendes

400 Years of Fashion

V&A Publications, 2010
Страниц: 184
Формат: 210x280
This lively history of fashion uses the world famous collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum to tell the story of four centuries of European men's and women's fashionable dress. An authoritative text explains the ever-changing shapes of gowns, coats and suits while over 200 illustrations show the amazing breadth of the collection which includes beautiful detailing and accessories such as buttons and buckles, shoes and hats, gloves and fans, and much more. From the ornate richness of a court mantua and satin doublet to the cool minimalism of 1990s couture, 400 Years of Fashion is an indispensable introduction for students and for anyone with an interest in fashion.
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