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Vicki F. Sharp

Adobe Photoshop Elements in One Hour

Страниц: 150
With Adobe Photoshop Elements you can manipulate, organize, and share your photos. Its an incredibly valuable tool in and out of the classroom. Knowing how to fix red-eye, resize photos, combine images, convert to black and white, and create a photo book can be useful for digital stories, the school yearbook, art projects, or even just showing off your vacation photos. With Adobe Photoshop Elements in One Hour you can learn how to do all of this and more with short, step-by-step tutorials and hands-on activities. Author Vicki F. Sharp provides to-the-point instructions and clear illustrations for learning each tool so that you can master photo editing skills quickly and thoroughly. Start with the first project and work your way through to the end for a comprehensive understanding of Photoshop Elements, or jump from one project to another to learn tools specific to your interests. No matter how you use this book, youll come away with a better understanding of how to use and take...
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