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Great Escapes (комплект из 5 книг)

Taschen, 2009
Страниц: 1800
Формат: 190x240
"Great Escapes" catalogs the most extraordinary and tempting hotels around the world. Each volume is both a luscious picture-book of interiors and a guide to some of the most spectacular getaways to be found on the planet. Ranging from funky and inexpensive to luxuriously elegant and wildly pricy, these hotels, inns, guesthouses, bungalows, ranches, lodges, resorts and even-yes-wigwams and treehouses will surely seduce you. All 5 titles from the series are included in this special edition set: "North America", "South America", "Asia", "Europe", and "Africa".
Book 1, North America, Book 2, South America, Book 3, Asia, Book 4, Europe, Book 5, Africa
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