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i-D Covers 1980-2010

Taschen, 2010
Страниц: 320
Формат: 240x310
In celebration of 30 years at the forefront of international fashion and lifestyle publishing, Taschen and i-D are thrilled to announce the publication of the i-D covers book. Featuring all of the iconic covers to date, this book edited by creative director and i-D founder Terry Jones, will also tell some of the stories behind the making of the images. In personal discussion with many of the creative talents he has worked with over the years, Terry Jones weaves his own personal web of diary, memories and magic to give the reader an unforgettable look into the secret world before the digital age made everything accessible and public. Taking us to the present day with Nick Knight's three covers shot especially for the anniversary issue (streamed instantly and shown online as he was photographing them) this book offers an incredible insight into a creative world that is changing under our feet, but yet has its heart and its creativity very firmly rooted in its beginnings.
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