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Blake Webster

Make-Money-Online Series: How to Start Your Online Photography Store: Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Photos Online

Страниц: 114
As in two of his previous books, "How to Start Your Online Affiliate Store" and "How to Self-Publish Your Book the CreateSpace Way," author Blake Webster lays out a clear, concise easy-to-follow game plan-in this case, for starting your own online photo store. It's never been easier. If you are an event photographer, or for that matter a photographer who simply believes his work is worth selling, running your own online store makes perfect sense. It allows you to market your photos and prints online, expanding your potential audience and making it more convenient for your customers. You will learn how to choose a storefront, set up your store, lay out your photos, and promote your work. Webster details various approaches to setting up your store, from out-of-the-box solutions to the popular WordPress platform. In each case, the step-by-step process is brought to life with screenshots, all aimed at helping readers decide on a storefront that fits their needs.

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