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Don Marlow, Seth Pitzer

Yosemite Our Way (Volume 1)

Страниц: 104
Meet and greet Don and Seth in this, the first installment of the Y.O.W. saga. Maybe you do a little photography or maybe you even know something of Yosem. That's nice. But here's a book that's guaranteed to be nothing like you've ever read before. A story riddled with silliness, follow these two green-as-can-be photographers as they tackle Yosemite and all but tackle each other while desperately trying to join the ranks of photographic stardom. So how can someone possibly take these two clowns seriously? Well, you're not the first to ask that question, as they've been doubted for years. And you probably won't be the last to scoff either. Just know that while you won't see big red noses or floppy trousers, you just might in fact, catch the authors of Yosemite Our Way out there behind the lens today... taking care of a little unfinished business. Enjoy the laughs - feel the power - all glory to God!

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