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Stefan Rumistrzewicz

A Visual Astronomer's Photographic Guide to the Deep Sky: A Pocket Field Guide (Astronomer's Pocket Field Guide)

Страниц: 344
This book is meant for observers who see a deep-sky object – either by star-hopping or by using a Go-To telescope – but do not observe it in detail because they don't know what to look for. It provides photographic images of all the objects discussed... not just images, but images that look exactly like the visual view through the eyepiece of telescopes of various apertures. Visually, deep-sky objects almost always look quite unlike the usual CCD images published in astronomical guides. The human eye doesn't see color at such low light levels, and the contrast of extended objects (such as nebulae and galaxies) is completely different. The author lives in a less-than ideal location for visual observing, with the city of London only about twenty miles to the south. He uses this to advantage, and amateur astronomers will find this book invaluable because it shows them what they will actually see from a typical suburban location, not a rare view under perfect skies.

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Просто какой-то нереальный туман на Комсомольском проспекте в 9 утра. Кстати, человек на фотографии реальный, а не дорисованный в Фотошопе! ,) Не хватает только оборванных проводов, полуразрушенного здания и какого-нибудь облезлого песика рядом с героем – был бы полный Fallout.

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