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Harriett Shepard, Lenore Meyer

Posing For The Camera: A Professional Guide For The Creative Model, Director And Photographer

Страниц: 184
This book is not a compilation of 'Do's and Dont's.' It seeks to organize thought on the part of photographers, directors and models as to where posing begins and how it is accomplished. Step by step, we will take the major and minor components of the posing figure and show how they function in relation to the camera - their possibilities and their limitations. Once you know how the figure functions, and the results thereby obtained, it is up to you to decide whether the pose is desirable or undesirable for the job at hand. For instance, a certain hand position may be generally recognized as awkward or conspicuous. This position would be undesirable if you wanted your picture to express grace and loveliness. On the other hand, it could very well serve to characterize a gangling teenager or call attention to an object or important copy in an advertisement. This book is not meant to impose our personal opinions upon you. Its intent is to increase your awareness of how symmetry of figure...

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