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Eliab Kasaija Nyakana

Entebbe: Image and Reflections

Страниц: 86
Entebbe, Image and Reflections is an engaging historical, cultural, and especially visual tour of the author's hometown. By combing maps, historical perspective, cultural insight and especially photographs; the reader is transported to a uniquely beautiful place. About the Author: Kasaija Nyakana, a retired international civil servant, has devoted much of his retirement pursuing his passion of photography. In the course of his service and now in retirement, he travelled extensively in Africa, Europe, and North America, taking along his camera. He began taking photographs when he was just sixteen with a Kodak Brownie box camera. As a young man, he taught himself skills in developing films and print-making exposed to a pressure lamp. As the art of photography changed, he too had to keep up with technological changes, including recently adding digital imaging to his skills. This publication is the first relating to his hobby, and also one exclusively devoted to the image of...
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Города. Страны; Фотоэссе

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