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David Toczko, Ashley Judd- Foreward

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill: 50th Anniversary of the Restoration

Acclaim Press, 2010
Страниц: 200
Shaker Village: 50th Anniversary of the Restoration is an incredible photographic tribute by David Toczko to the 50th Anniversary of one of Kentucky's restored historic treasures. Within the nearly 200 glossy pages of this full-color commemorative book, one can take a pictorial walking tour of the Village, beginning at the western edge of the property and moving eastward with the photos taken over a four-year period during every season and nearly every time of day. Informative text was obtained from Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill and its knowledgeable interpreters. More than 260 stunning color images showcase the historic structures, lifestyle, architecture, culture and scenic beauty of Shaker Village. This large 9 x 12 hardback coffee-table volume will be a lasting testament to the Shaker craftsmanship. Two hundred years ago, a small group of devotees stood on a hilltop in the rolling Bluegrass section of Kentucky and envisioned heaven on earth, later to be known as Pleasant...
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