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Marina Warner, Nigel Warburton, Adam Nicolson

Colour of Time: Garry Fabian Miller

Страниц: 192
Since establishing himself as a critically acclaimed landscape photographer in the 1970s, Fabian Miller has reinvented himself as an artist specializing in camera-less, darkroom-produced photographic images exploring the elements of light, time, and color in a notably spare, but also vividly spiritual aesthetic style which recalls elements of Modernism and intuitive scientific exploration. Fabian Miller exposes light directly onto photographic paper through substances such as plants, engine oil, cut-paper shapes, glass and water. The methods used in the capturing of Fabian Millera??s artworks means that they are nearly impossible to accurately reproduce, resulting in one of a kind, strikingly luminous pieces; a record of lighta??s behavior caught on photographic paper. The Colour of Time features images personally retouched under the artista??s direction, and therefore provides the most accurate printed representation of his work: ?The pictures I make are of nothing which exists in...

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