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Simon Wheatley

Don't Call Me Urban!: The Time of Grime

Страниц: 232
"Don't Call Me Urban!" is the definitive contemporary documentary record exploring one of the biggest social issues in the UK - drug use, the wayward behavior of deprived black (and white) youth - it is the only book to give an unbiased account of a significant and vibrant genre of music in the UK and abroad. The pictures in Wheatley's book are unique and, unlike similar books, feature ordinary people as well as the people that have emerged to bring the ethos of grime to the attention of a wider audience. The book analyses the culture of 'grime' that has burst out of London's decaying council estates over the past decade. Although ostensibly a genre of 'urban' music, acknowledged as the UK's answer to hip hop, the author sees 'grime' as an era when youths living in these deprived areas began to behave in an increasingly wild manner. These youths live a fantasy largely based on an 'urban' culture imported from the USA, where Simon believes rap music has degenerated from an originally...
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