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Michael Light, Anne Collier, Ivy Nicholson, Kevin Killian, Hulleah Tsinhnajinnie, Tammy Rae Carland

An Autobiography of the San Francisco Bay Area, Parts 1 & 2, Part 2: The Future Lasts Forever

Страниц: 60
The Future Lasts Forever utilizes the notion of autobiography as a way to explore the work of contemporary artists who are using archival material, exploring persistent subject matter, and examining their own personal histories. In addition, the practical ways and means that surround art practice and preserve works for the future beyond the ephemeral exhibition model are surveyed. To emphasize an autobiographical focus in egalitarian terms, accompanying texts featuring an articulation by each artist, publisher, or collector regarding his or her particular focus follow the portfolio. The cumulative effect of these projects serves to exemplify the evolution, over time, of a multifaceted and multicultural major American metropolitan region. INCLUDING WORK AND CONTRIBUTIONS BY: Cause Collective (Ryan Alexiev, Jessica Ingram, Bayete Ross Smith, Jorge Sanchez, and Hank Willis Thomas); Michael Light; Linda Connor; Chris McCaw; Lukas Felzmann; Richard Gordon; Apollonia Morrill; Robert Dawson;...
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