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Jess Moore

Great Pictures Made Simple

Страниц: 236
Who should buy this book? People who know almost nothing about picture-taking. And people who know quite a bit, but want to improve. "Great Pictures Made Simple" is written in simple language. Nothing is complicated. If you want to make better pictures, and you don t want to spend half a lifetime learning how, this is the book for you. Learn how to capture the memories of a lifetime ... and preserve them for a lifetime. This is a book for amateurs, illustrated with pictures made by amateurs, using inexpensive digital cameras and cell phones. How to take the pictures you'd like to take and have them come out right every time.Do I need expensive equipment? Any digital camera you can afford, any camera-equipped cell phone you have, will make almost every picture in the book. You don't need a better camera. You don't need to be tech-smart. You don't need to be a born artist. You don't need to be a computer expert. How much? At $24.95, less than a restaurant meal for two. Less than a tank...

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