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Joseph Worth, Jennifer Worth

Austin Pop Photography

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Austin, Texas is known for its unique style and identity: a small town attitude with a big town style. This wonderful collection of photographs shows what makes Austin unique and desirable to live in. About the Authors: JJworldstudio is a photography concept created by Jennifer and Joseph Worth. The husband-wife team located to Austin in 2005 with the hope of getting their band photos in record store windows. Once they arrived they noticed a few artist venues where you could sell your goods. They started selling photos they had just taken on their Europe trip when they started noticing Austin; South Austin in particular had a unique look to it. Embracing the "pop" style that can be seen on everything from shop signs, graffiti soaked walls, abandoned buildings, or just vintage cars parking in the parking lots. Once they started displaying these Austin "pop" images the positive reaction gave Jennifer and Joseph the idea to create a uniformed look of bright colors, long...
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