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Max Fallon

Couples: An Eclectic View

Страниц: 128
COUPLES is a book of photographs of couples: romantic couples, wise couples, fun couples, proud couples, loving couples, the couple next door - but no celebrity couples! It's a diverse view of ninety-four intriguing, radiant couples from various parts of the world, revealing their affection and love for each other through their expressions and poses. You'll want to ask how they met, what brought them together - was it by pure chance or simple fate? Will you see yourself in these fascinating portraits, and maybe even feel a bit jealous of what they so obviously share? Whatever your response, these timeless images represent a kind of hope - hope in our ability to reach out and connect with that special partner. This large format, beautifully printed book of dramatic photographs will enable the reader/viewer to feel the connection and intimacy the couples feel and share in their emotions. There are also brief, personal captions.
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Портреты; Фотоэссе

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