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Matthew Rhys

Patagonia: Crossing the Plain (English and Welsh Edition)

Страниц: 120
In 1885, a group of Welsh settlers in Chubut, Argentina set out to explore the Andes and found and settled Cwm Hyfryd, ""Pleasant Valley"". They were members of the largest Welsh settlement in South America, founded twenty years earlier by the passengers of the Mimosa. Actor and author Matthew Rhys joined a group of the descendants of the original Cwm Hyfryd expedition to recreate their accomplishment, on horseback as they did themselves. Rhys has published a beautiful book of his photographs and commentary on this experience: a photographic memoir of this journey by horse through the Patagonian landscape and some of its Welsh history. Rhys has included some background history of Welsh immigration to Argentina and the story of the original journey, including a few wonderful historic photos of those early settlers and the Argentina of their time. Instead of a linear description of the trip, chapters focus on Rhys' companions and elements of his experience, with titles like ""Lunch,""...
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