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Mary Carmichael

The Land Where I Belong: Fifty Years in Focus in the Highlands and Islands - Duncan Macpherson, Photographer and Pharmacist

Страниц: 102
For over half a century Duncan Macpherson (1882-1966) a pharmacist at Kyle of Lochalsh, created a vast photographic record of Highland life. Born in Aberdeenshire, Macpherson graduated from Edinburgh University as a pharmacist before establishing his own pharmacy near the ferry terminal in Kyle of Lochalsh in 1911. Macpherson's early interest in photography developed into a life-long passion; he consciously set about recording a series of photographs to depict the changing way of life in the Highlands. His unique and valuable collection is little known outside the area, but yet must rank as one of the most significant photographic archives in the country. This book reproduces some of the best images from the collection. Together with an introductory essay and expended captions which explore the background to the photographs, "Where I Belong" is an enticing glimpse into a body of work of enormous aesthetic and historical interest.
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