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Mary Judd

The Canyons of Gateway

Страниц: 220
The Canyons of Gateway presents an intriguing exploration of a dramatic canyon country in the American West that has been remarkably hidden from the view of the traveling public. East of Moab, north of Telluride and west of Aspen lie the majestic red canyons formed by the Dolores River as it winds its way up the Colorado border with Utah. This book provides the first in-depth photographic journey to one of the world's most stunning landscapes. It would take none other than the founder of The Discovery Channel, John Hendricks, to bring us these captivating views. The red rock canyon country of Gateway is a unique destination where we can pause and contemplate our relationship with nature. This is a place where the planet truly opens up to tell its epic geologic story. 210 full-color photographs
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