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The Editors of Photopreneur

Inspired Photography: 189 Sources of Inspiration For Better Photos

Страниц: 402
Inspired Photography is packed with creative ideas to enable any photographer - from enthusiast to professional - to push their work in new directions. Divided into actions, city scenes, the great outdoors, inspiring images and photographic subjects, the book describes 189 sources of inspiration that stimulate creativity and help photographers get more from their passion. Discover:New subjects to shoot in the city, the countryside, the center, and the suburbsOriginal ideas to build on and personalizeLong-term projects that will generate inspiration and new ideas for monthsQuick ideas for instant photographic funDozens of new concepts, styles, approaches and techniques with suggestions to get started and resources for further researchFilled with practical suggestions and exciting ideas, Inspired Photography helps to keep any photo enthusiast's artistic explorations in photography fresh, challenging and always creative.

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