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Mark Chen

Unleashing the Raw Power of Adobe Camera Raw: Master Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers

Страниц: 128
Giving photographers the opportunity to more freely experiment with their images, this detailed guidebook demonstrates how to utilize RAW files and Adobe® Camera Raw®, a utility that comes with every copy of Adobe® Photoshop®. Digital photographs captured in the RAW format preserve all of the data recorded by the digital camera. Because there is more data to work with, photographers have more flexibility in processing by using Adobe® Camera Raw®, so they can maximize the dynamic range of images and produce high-quality image files that are free from technical flaws. With handy tricks for salvaging a disastrous image or enhancing a good image, this manual also includes an online component where readers can use the sample image files provided on the publisher's website to follow along, step by step, with the author as he discusses the enhancements being made to the images files. Photographers will be equipped with the ability to harness the full potential of every image captured?and to...

Color Management System (CMS) в логике цветовых координатных систем

Color Management System (CMS) в логике цветовых координатных систем

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