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Dennis Evanosky, Eric J. Kos

Los Angeles From the Air Then and Now (Then & Now (Thunder Bay Press))

Страниц: 144
Tour Los Angeles like never before with this exciting new book filled with breathtaking sky-high then-and-now images of some of LA's most famous landmarks and locations. Graze along the top of the Hollywood Hills, home to the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign, which originally spelled out HOLLYWOODLAND in 1923. It was a PR stunt launched by a local real estate developer, but proved so popular most of the sign is still standing today. Discover the diamond views over Dodger Stadium. While the ballpark's general appearance hasn't changed much since it was completed in 1962, the ballpark and its surrounding area are now known as ?Dodgertown.a?? Fly over Bel Air after the devastating forest fire of 1960 and discover Beverly Hills in 1922 just as the area was being subdivided. Much has changed over the years in these exclusive enclaves ? check out Grauman's Chinese Theater, the Brown Derby, Olympic Stadium, Santa Monica Pier, and more.
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