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Marcia Reiss

New York City at Night

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With its dramatically lit skyscrapers, twinkling bridges, neon lights, and yellow cabs streaking down Broadway, it's no wonder that New York is the city that never sleeps! From the awesome golden sunsets over the Hudson River to the pale yellow sunrise breaking over the East River, you'll see the world's most popular city illuminated like never before. New York City at Night is a stunning blend of aerial photographs of the city's iconic skyline and most famous landmarks as seen through the lens of world-famous aerial photographer Evan Joseph. During the daytime, the Empire State Building is a large-shouldered, gray giant on the horizon; but at nighttime, this 120-story Art Deco gem is enchanting. See this landmark building all lit up, and enjoy sparkling views from the deck of its Observatory and beyond. A tourist book to break the mold! New York City at Night offers a dramatic new perspective of the world's favorite destination.
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