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Ed Rehbein, Randall Sanger

West Virginia Waterfalls: The New River Gorge

Страниц: 112
More than 100 waterfalls grace the cliffs and canyons of the New River Gorge and its tributaries. This book invites you to savor this untapped wealth of beauty in two enjoyable ways by viewing photographs of these waterfalls and by experiencing them for yourself. Photographers, hikers, and nature lovers Ed Rehbein and Randy Sanger have photographed some of the most beautiful places in the New River Gorge, plus--provided maps and information on how to visit each waterfall yourself. The pull-out hiking guide will keep you on the path to your own Appalachian adventures!

Ландшафтная фотосъемка. Готовимся к осени.

Ландшафтная фотосъемка. Готовимся к осени.

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