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Thomas D. Mangelsen

The Natural World: Portraits of Earth's Great Ecosystems

Страниц: 256
One of the worlda??s foremost wildlife photographers explores six continents and ten ecosystems to celebrate Eartha??s diversity of life with stunning, panoramic photography. In The Natural World, celebrated nature photographer Thomas Mangelsen has selected his most important panoramic imagesa??from a wildebeest migration on the plains of the Serengeti to the penguins of Antarctica, and from the grizzlies of Alaska to the frozen landscape of the polar bears on Hudson Bay. Featuring excerpts from his journals detailing his experience in the field, this book offers an intimate look into the natural world. With a foreword written by renowned primatologist and U.N. Messenger for Peace Dr. Jane Goodall, this book is a celebration of wildness and its intrinsic value. The Natural World is a record of Eartha??s last great locales, one that will inspire present and future generations with the message that what we have can, and must, be saved.

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