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Marilyn Yurdan

Banbury In Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)

Страниц: 128
The nursery rhyme "Ride a Cock Horse" has made Banbury one of the best-known towns in England. It is also famed for Banbury cakes and its Cross. Once an important wool trading centre, in 1628 the town was ravaged by fire, which destroyed many buildings, though some have survived to the present day. This superb selection of 200 photographs provides a nostalgic insight into the changing history of the town over the last century. Each image is accompanied by a detailed caption, bringing the past to life and describing many aspects of life in the town, including chapters on work, industry, schools, markets and local events - including the annual carnival, College Rag, and funfair - and providing a vital record of vanished vistas and past practices. This book will appeal to everyone with an interest in the history of Banbury, and will also awaken memories of a bygone time for all who know this part of Oxfordshire.
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