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Baby Cashmere: The Long Journey of Excellence

Страниц: 182
The illustrated story of a journey that Loro Piana goes on every year through remote, unspoiled lands to purchase an extremely precious fiber. Baby Cashmere is an extremely precious fiber exclusively obtained from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids, which is gathered by means of a delicate and completely harmless combing procedure that is done only once in a goat’s life, before the kids are twelve months old. It takes the fleece of nineteen kids to make just one pullover. This book tells the story of Loro Piana’s yearly journey to purchase baby cashmere in Mongolia. More than one hundred vibrant full-color photographs, presented in large-scale format, transport the reader to this beautiful country, giving insight into the daily life of Mongolian breeders. Nature lovers, fine-photography aficionados, and armchair travelers alike will appreciate this fascinating exploration under endless skies and over golden deserts in search of the ultimate in genuine quality.
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