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Dr. Gary Greenberg

Florotica: Revealing the Sensuality of the Micro World: The Micro Photography of Dr. Gary Greenberg

Страниц: 86
"Florotica: Revealing the Sensuality of the Micro World" is a unique art photography book featuring the micro photography of Dr. Gary Greenberg. It contains 86 pages of color photographs taken through unique 3D microscopes, which he invented. Dr. Greenberg focuses his microscopes on ordinary objects, such as flowers, grains of sand, and food. When magnified hundreds of times, everyday objects take on a new reality, revealing hidden dimensions. He shows how ordinary objects are truly extraordinary when seen closely. The images by Dr. Gary Greenberg, in Florotica, can be said to embody, not only the essence of Georgia O'Keefe's artwork, but also the fundamental and natural structure of the floral environment. The sensual legacy of O'Keefe's vision is immediately apparent, however, Greenberg's ability to document the astonishing detail of the floral world under the microscope provides the viewer with a series of images never before seen with the naked eye.
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Природа; Фотоэссе; Флора и фауна

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