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Sara Rath

H. H. Bennett, Photographer: His American Landscape

Страниц: 286
"My energies for near a lifetime have been used almost entirely to win such prominence as I could in outdoor photography."a??H. H. Bennett A Henry Hamilton Bennett (1843–1908) became a celebrated photographer in the half-century following the American Civil War. Bennett is admired for his superb depictions of dramatic landscapes of the Dells of the Wisconsin River and also for his many technical innovations in photography, including a stop-action shutter and a revolving solar printing house that is now housed at the Smithsonian Institution. With his instantaneous shutter, he gained recognition for his striking images of moving subjects, such as lumber raftsmen shooting the river rapids and his son Ashley leaping in midair from a bluff to the craggy pillar of Stand Rock. Less well-known are Bennett’s splendid urban photographs of nineteenth-century Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul. A A A This engaging biography of H. H. Bennett tells his life story, illustrated throughout with his...

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