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Bob Bovin, Jan Bovin

The Berlin Wall Falls: A Photographic Essay

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This is the Berlin Wall and its surroundings as documented by a father and son, Bob and Jan Bovin. On the 18th of February 1990 they drove down to Berlin from the south of Sweden in their old SAAB. There they witnessed history unfold in front of their cameras as the East German soldiers dismantled the first parts of the wall closest to Brandenburg Tor. The aim of this photographic assay is to help us remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, as an example of the meaningless to build walls between people. We could learn from this wall, existing less than 30 years, or from the Great Wall of China, that defended the nation from invaders for almost 2000 years until the Manchu entered. Never the less another wall is now built in Palestine. Will we never learn?

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