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Danny Goldfield

NYChildren Photography

Страниц: 96
This photography book is the third edition of the title and includes beautiful color prints from Danny Goldfield's quest to photograph one child from every country on earth, currently living in New York City. This edition includes an additional essay updating the progress of the project. The book is hardcover, 9 x 12 inches with white linen casing and silver embossed logo and title. Each of 90 prints is 10 x 6 2/3 inches on lumisilk finish, 170 gsm paper. The color critical printing process results in vibrant color images. The book is a great conversation piece to share with friends and family. It is a positive and uplifting gift for the holidays or any occasion. Become a part of the NYChildren Project effort: Purchase this book to help support the completion of this world renown project. Also, proceeds will go towards presenting an exhibition of the completed project where all the participants will be invited to The Dream Event where children from every country on earth will gather...
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