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David Asch, Steve Caplin

How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 9: Discover the magic of Adobe's best kept secret

Focal Press, 2010
Страниц: 320
While many Photoshop Elements users are content with using the software for correcting exposure, sharpening edges and removing unwanted objects from their photographs, there's a whole world of opportunity out there for creating fun photomontages, powerful panoramas and dynamic distortions just waiting to be discovered. How to Cheat in Elements 9 is the answer to anyone who has ever wanted to take their creative skills in Elements one stage further. Starting with the basics of layers, selections and transformations, readers will be creating their own movie posters, textures and caricatures in no time at all, while sections on outputting your images for web or print enable anyone to wow their friends with their creations. Covering the latest tools and features in Elements 9, this book is also fully compatible with all previous versions of Elements. QuickTime movie tutorials and images for all projects in the book are included on the accompanying CD. Fun and...

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