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Iago Corazza, Greta Ropa

Japan: Light and Shadows in the Land of the Rising Sun

White Star, 2011
Страниц: 288
Формат: 300x310
We journeyed in Japan. We traversed architectural solutions that connect parallel urban worlds, including the capsule syndrome. We proceeded by exploiting the national efficiency and pride for celebrated means of transportation and by observing the social consequences of a space managed to integrate individuals with the alien units of a large metropolis. We watched our reflections in panels of mirrored glass works of modern architecture in a country reborn from the ruins left by war and earthquakes, losing ourselves in the new identities of reproduced districts metastasized across the huge megalopolis. But above all, we lost the way while looking for a street between the reality and the tradition that govern the life of Japanese. For us it was impossible to do what to them comes naturally: abandon the contemplative enchantment of cherry blossoms to immerse oneself in the secret nocturnal embrace of the metropolis. It is difficult to follow with ones gaze the ephemeral...

Интересная фоточка красной Honda Accord в центре Киева. Снимок, по-моему, сильно обработан в фотошопе. Либо применялся ручной блюр (который очень хорошо заметен на снимке), либо у фотографа был какой-то волшебный объектив с нереальной светосилой.

Удивительное побережье
В этих местах периодически бывают сильные волны и ветры, которые размывают горные породы и создают столь причудливые пейзажи.

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