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J. Dennis Thomas

Nikon® D60 Digital Field Guide

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See it – capture it, with your Nikon D60 Your 10.2 megapixel D60 is loaded with great features like fast startup, split–second shutter response, and continuous shooting ability at up to three frames per second. You?ll want to take advantage of every one of these features, and this practical, portable guide shows you how. Each button and dial is explained, but that?s just the beginning. You?ll also learn to use the different modes and menus, and get professional recipes for fool–proof photos in more than a dozen real–life settings. Learn the basics of focusing, shooting, replaying, and downloading your images Explore the set–up, shooting, playback, and custom settings menus Understand what each type of lens can do and which to choose Work with flash and natural light and master exposure basics Discover how to use the Retouch menu to apply cool effects to your images before they even leave the camera
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