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Gerry Recksiedler

Mexico Trails

Страниц: 140
The book provides 43 hikes, 20 trail maps, GPS locations for each trail and detailed trail descriptions including GPS readings. It includes hiking locations within each state, trails locator maps, trail distance, hiking time, level of difficulty, elevation change and hazards. All of the hikes and walks are classed as day hikes ranging from a couple of hours to a full day. Most of the trails are located in rural areas, recreational areas or parks. Some trails are located on the outskirts of major centres and can be accessed either by foot or local transportation. The book is made up of twelve chapters. The first consists of a general introduction to hiking in Mexico. It provides a description of the country and its geography, typical hazards that may be found on the trails, and information on how to obtain topographical maps. The remaining chapters describe the trails located in eleven Mexican states. Photos are included for each of the described trails to give the reader a...
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