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Urban Restaurants in China

Page One Publishing Private, 2004
Страниц: 178
Формат: 225x305
Arguably, no cities are more urban than the exploding cities of China, with the likes of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. With urbanisation comes cross-fertilisation. Not only do the urban life and economic opportunities encourage a colourful influx of immigrants and expatriates, (thus encouraging the rise of restaurants offering the cuisines of the world), but previous genres have begun a crossbreeding, as reflected in Urban Restaurants in China. The restaurant is often found as a club by night, or might perhaps house a bar as well. Sometimes, the interior design featured in this book may reveal mixed roots, such as J by Xintiandi- a curious concoction of the traditional Japanese and the commercial Chinese; or the Tea and Wine House that is set in a park. Against this urban setting, there is also a rapid renewal of past concepts. Of recent years, there has been a rapid rise of teahouses, finished with interiors and drinks catering to the younger generation. Whether you are...
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