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Thomas Luntz

Christian Liaigre

Flammarion, 2008
Страниц: 320
Asked how he likes to define his work, Christian Liaigre will answer that he is an interior designer in the most complete sense. By which he means that nothing in his work is left to chance: from the positioning of the windows to the shape of the door handles, not forgetting furniture, lighting, woodwork, plaster moldings, seating, or the selection and colors of materials and fabrics. Everything is considered and planned down to the last detail. In this, Christian Liaigre is clearly working in a particular French tradition, the same tradition that made Versailles famous, where no detail was neglected. And yet Christian Liaigre always applies this rigorous approach with a highly individual touch. While never sacrificing his personal style, he adapts to each new project and its setting, the better to respect its roots, contributing an atmosphere of pleasure, calm, and ease to the existing features, and transforming the site as a whole, while at the same time making us feel that it...

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Глубина резкости в фотографии
ГРИП (глубина резко изображаемого пространства, или глубина резкости) в фотографическом деле — расстояние между ближней и дальней границами пространства, измеренное вдоль оптической оси, при нахождении в пределах которого объекты находятся в фокусе (на снимке получаются достаточно резко).Маленькая глубина резкости может быть очень полезной, если вы хотите отделить ваш объект от фона, как, например, при съемке портретов или макро-фотографии. Большая глубина резкости идеальна для пей...

Глубина резкости в фотографии

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