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Elizabeth Roberts

Margaret Thatcher: A Life in Pictures (Press Association)

Страниц: 300
The career of Britain's first - and so far, only - woman Prime Minister, seen in an unprecedented collection of photographs. Unquestionably a phenomenon of the 20th century s political landscape both in Britain and the wider world, Margaret Thatcher s significance in Britain s social history is considerable. Her political career began at a time when it was unusual for women to take an active part in politics, but doubly so within the Conservative party of which she became leader. Nearly twenty years after she left office, Margaret Thatcher s policies are still hotly debated and interest in her approaches her Thatcherism is unabated. With 200 photographs sourced from the Press Association archives and handpicked by 'PA Photos' own archivists, this volume - marking the 30 year anniversary of her coming into power - presents a unique visual perspective of the iconic, and controversial figure of Britain's 'Iron Lady.'
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