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Raymond Depardon: Hear Them Speak

Страниц: 168
From South to North America, Africa to Europe, the Afar, Alakaluf, Mapuche, Kawesqar, Quechua, Chipaya, Guarani and Yanomami peoples are rooted, both physically and culturally, in their native lands, resisting the political, economic and environmental factors that threaten their expulsion or even extinction. French photographer Raymond Depardon has explored these communities and their intimate connections between language, land and memory. This volume is a meditation on human attachment to the earth and an exploration of the notions of rootedness and uprooting. Published on the occasion of the exhibition Native Land at the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, this volume records Depardon's extensive travels, his color Polaroids accompanying the words of these diminishing populations. It celebrates languages and invites the reader to step into these different cultures, experiencing the resistance of those who wish to remain on their home soil.

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