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Kay and Digby Diehl

Remembering Grace

Life, 2008
Страниц: 160
This magical book represents the fruits of a 27-year collaboration between a renowned photographer and a legendary woman. Howell Conant first met trace Kelly on a 1955 modeling assignment, and found an instant, easy rapport. From then until Grace's untimely death in September of 1982, Conant was always present - in New York City, in Jamaica, in Hollywood, in Monaco - to make the most intimate pictures of this astonishingly lovely person. (In fact, his attendance at the princess's funeral marked the very first time he traveled to Monaco without his camera.) Many of the sublime images in this book appeared in the pages of LIFE, Look, Paris Match, Collier's, and other magazines. Several more of these photographs are seen here for the first time. Grace was Howell Conant's great subject, and he was her friend, confidante and perfect portraitist. She has been gone for 25 years now, but will live forever in these pictures. Формат: 17 см х 21 см.

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