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International Architecture Yearbook. №4

Images Publishing Group, 1997
Страниц: 416
Формат: 230x310
Images is delighted to be able to present this edition of its annual publication, "International Architecture Yearbook". It gives us great pleasure to introduce over 130 projects featuring some of the best in architectural design worldwide gathered in one book. In excess of 100 architectural practices are represented, plus reviews by the notable architectural writers and critics, Michael J.Crosbie, Greg G.Hall, Dennis Sharp, James Steele, Hiroshi Watanabe and Michael Webb. Besides the criterion for excellence in design, judged by the editors, the selected projects must have been completed between January 1997 and June 1998. All projects are illustrated with stunning photographs, informative plans and detailed text. A comprehensive Index lists the projects by name in alphabetical order while the Contents is divided for easy reference into project types. The response to this edition has been overwhelming and in order to accommodate as many projects as possible...
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Не удивительно что большинство фотографов, никогда не используют возможность их камер и объектива работать в режиме ручной фокусировки. На этой неделе, я разговаривал с одним из владельцев цифрозеркалки, он даже не знал что на объективе есть переключение авто/ручной фокус.

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