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Vernon D. Swaback

Creative Community: Designing for Life

Images Publishing Group, 2003
Страниц: 274
Illustrated with more than 20 drawings and 450 photographs, this extraordinary collection of thoughts and images adds up to a positive prophecy for a future in which the architecture and stewardship of daily life becomes humanity's greatest work of art. It is a future where standardization, codes and arguments give way to commitment, creativity and beauty-where our deepest needs and desires are holistically embraced by thoughtful design. At its most rewarding, the fabric of community combines ideas for life and technology with the artist's sense of purpose, form and character. The Creative Community is a journey through ideas and places, stretching our imaginations and inspiring us to move beyond our outdated and dreary patterns of production-driven sameness. No time in history has ever had more reason or more ability to celebrate life. This book is both an invitation and a guide to giving our best to the future by first creating it for ourselves. It illuminates a subject that...
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