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Yves Lescroart, Regis Faucon

Manor Houses in Normandy

Konemann, 2006
Страниц: 360
Формат: 270x320
The Pays d'Auge is a region of undulating woodland and lush meadows in Normandy, famous for its cheeses. It extends almost to the River Orne in the west, brushes the departement of the Eure in the east, and embraces almost a third of Calvados. It is also a treasure-house of architecture, in which the manor houses rank among its best-kept secrets. Built of timber or brick and stone, as medieval country houses or aristocratic mansions, they number several hundred. Some are surprisingly small, some are quite grandiose. What they share is a spellbinding charm and astounding architectural quality. This book is the first to convey the former with such photographic skill and explore the latter in such depth. Few of the manor houses are open to the public, thus this book offers a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy them. More than eighty of them are presented here in this magnificent volume, including the best-known and the most breathtaking. For those who know nothing of Anfernel,...
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Театр. Архитектура. Искусство

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