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Helmut Hirler


Edition Panorama, 2007
Страниц: 168
Over the course of two decades, the photographer Helmut Hirler has made more than a dozen trips throughout Spain on his motorcycle, in order to record with his camera the unique dialogue between architecture and nature conducted by the Spanish castles with the landscapes which surround them. This selection of his best and most spectacular black-and-white panoramic photographs shows not only world-famous and carefully restored masterpieces of Islamic and Christian architecture, but also some almost forgotten castles away from the main tourist routes, which are no less impressive for having been left to rack and ruin. Again and again, the dramatic photographs of this standard work bring home to us why Ortega у Gasset wrote about the casties, that they are "beyond measure, eerie and like sleepwalkers". Формат: 23 см х 48,5 см.

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Как продать свои фотографии. Часть 1.

Как продать свои фотографии. Часть 1.

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