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Karl Lang


Edition Panorama, 2002
Страниц: 86
The story of bridge building began with a puzzle. It has not been solved to this day. The same geniuses are still out there building bridges and then blowing them up. Author's storybook tells a different tale. Particularly high up in the mountains, there are bridges built with such daring, that the power of man cannot have sufficed to erect them. For example, there's the Schollenen Bridge way back in the Canton of Uri - our ancestors used it to make that pioneering passage over the Gotthard. They got the devil to build it. Then they faced the problems of not themselves falling into the devil's clutches and to cheat him out of his agreed reward. The first living being to cross the bridge was to have belonged to him; so the ingenious mountain folk chased an old billy goat over the bridge. The devil, much annoyed, set about destroying his own work by having a piece of rock crash down on it, but good fortune shone in the guise of a little old lady who just happened to be praying at the...

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