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Jonathan Bell

21st Century House

Laurence King, 2008
Страниц: 256
There is currently an emerging residential tradition that eschews photogenic glamour in favour of practicality, reassessing the way we live rather than following media-promoted ideas of 'lifestyle'. Featuring more than fifty major projects designed, commenced or completed across the world in the last four years, "21st Century House" looks at the relationship between the diverse images of the modern house and the technological and aesthetic developments in today's architecture. Lavishly illustrated, and complete with detailed architectural drawings, "21st Century House" covers all aspects of contemporary house architecture, from grand modernist pavilions to smaller, pragmatic urban and rural schemes, including both the celebrated and the obscure. The book also addresses wider debates of social and environmental obligations, examining how the projects accommodate these increasingly important aspects of house building today. Jonathan Bell writes about architecture and...

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