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Don McCullin. Photofile

The classic Photofile series brings together the best work of the world's greatest photographers in an attractive format and at a reasonable price. Handsome and collectible, the books are produced to the highest standards. Each volume contains some sixty reproductions printed in superb duotone, together with a critical introduction and a full bibliography. War photography is not a profession; it is a way of getting at the truth of the human condition, as close as possible to man, to his hopes and fears, his ignorance and his beliefs. This closeness may be because showing the death of others means risking one's own life. Don McCullin always understood that war is hell. His images from Vietnam, Northern Ireland, and other scenes of conflict have the beauty of classical tragedies: they speak of horror and absurdity. 64 duotone illustrations. About the Author Don McCullin’s career as a photojournalist began when the Observer bought one of his gangland pictures. His life is soon to be the subject of a feature film. Harold Evans was editor of The Sunday Times from 1967 to 1981 during which time Don McCullin worked extensively for the paper’s magazine. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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7 советов профессионального фотографа моды Adriana Curcio
Когда меня попросили написать советы и рекомендации для начинающих фотографов, я набросала несколько разных разделов, но все они были о технической стороне. Потом, я подумала о себе, и моем путешествии в мир фотографии моды, и о советах которые я хотела бы получить сама. То что мне бы пригодилось. Это советы касающиеся мелких деталей, которые обычно выпадают из поля зрения, особенно когда слишком увлекаешься техникой. Суть такова, что можно создать фотографию идеальной с технической стороны на 1...

7 советов профессионального фотографа моды Adriana Curcio

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